Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help Vote for Paper Hearts On Myspace and Toyota Music "Rock The Space II"


Paper Hearts is a Electro/Pop band hailing from Danbury, Connecticut. Founded by singer/songwriter Devin Caldwell, in the summer of 2009, with the intent to spread some much needed love into our hearts and minds. Paper Hearts leaves all the pretension, hate and hype at the door to deliver a energetic sound that whisks you away to a simpler place, a place where princesses lives in far off castles and monsters live under the bed.


Everyone on Facebook Dont Forget to become Fans of Paper Hearts
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Once Voting Starts for the round you can vote on the Paper Hearts Myspace or The "Rock The Space" page once a day every day.

Make sure to stay posted for more news and updates about Danbury's own Paper Hearts and their Pursuit of a Dream.
We believe with everyones support we can all be responsible together, in making this dream come true. Your vote will taking a role in making a Danbury Start !

Thank You Every Vote Counts !

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