Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lets Think Smart

Artwork By: @SuperDevin

Lets take a moment from our busy day and Think Smart. Lets take a look at ourselves in 3rd person. Lets really look at whats wrong in our lives and fix it. Every problem has a solution it's up to you to solve it. It will never fix itself. Covering up only makes it worse. (Like a cavity makes a root canal) Lets be serious, if you have a goal that you are trying to achieve... whats stopping you?

Whats the problem .........?

Take a step back and determine what the problem is. Once you've got it... try to figure out what you can do to solve it..

"Time is Money" 
Think about all the time you spend wasting away.. if you devoted half of that time to really trying to make something of yourself think about where you could be?.. Here are some examples..

  • Spend time researching blogs
  • Develop a Side Hustle
  • Master a Craft
  • Pick up extra hours @ work
  • Give back to the community
  • Get Fit to build confidence 
All of these examples can lead up to making money, lets prepare ourselves for the future.. its OUR TIME!!!!

#Getithowyoulive #Gettinmoneyiswhatwedo @KingChase4812

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Kids and Cudi


So Monday I was out in the city attending my private lessons at the Scratch Academy, when I got a txt about a secret Kid Cudi shows for the Halo Reach release at the Best Buy Theater. So my friend Katie met me in the Village and we headed uptown for a long night. We met up with our friend Eric, Brandon and their friend Jackie. We stood in line for hours with many of the Halo fans awaiting to be let inside. There was much confusion outside with the wrist bands but we made it in. Around 12:30 am (90mins after cudi was suppose to come on) the gentleman from Spike Tv Told the crowd that Cudi was not coming out "Kid Cudi will not be performing tonight. He may come out and speak later on why but as if now he will not be performing." I think this was in regard to the many Cudi fans who found out about the free show and did not purchase the game. This cleared the room many of his fans left with much anger! The true fans that stayed out of curiosity to see what he had to say? Well we got to enjoy every thing who left early dint our free Kid Cudi performance. Around 1:30 am he came to the stage with Plan Pat and performed three songs "Erase Me, Cudders Own and Pursuit of happiness". The young boys Eric and Brandon got a couple items signed with The Cudder as well as a couple snap shots. Cudi came down after his three songs and showed the crowed love shoot out to Cudi for that Matter of fact. The show was great we all really enjoyed it. It was just one of those long nights you never forget but thats what makes it all worth while! 


Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day with Pac Div!

I’ve been blasting non-stop Pac Div lately (besides these J. Cole and Kanye tracks that have dropped lately) because I just need some actually word play and dope witty lines. I cant get with some of these new school guys who just put little words together and think they are rappers, I need some actually content, that Hip Hop sound that I love. Pac Div is a trio (Mibbs & Like are brothers and their friend BeYoung) these dudes are from the west coast and I personally think they are the best up and coming group rapping coming out of the west coast. Pac Div has been around since 2006 when they dropped their Sealed for Freshness: The Blend Tape. Their other two tapes Church League Champs and Don't Mention It. They also have Pac Div EP.These guys bring back that 90’s Tribe Called Quest/De La Soul sound, but don’t get it twisted these guys defiantly have their own lane and I see big things coming from these guys in the near future. I constantly have their mixtapes playing, these dudes are the truth. With their debut album Grown Kid Syndrome dropping October 12, 2010, look out for Pac Div.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paper Hearts Mania Continues ! FOX CT TV appearance


This is Paper Hearts FOX CT interview from 8/25
 I wanna congratulate my brother Devin Caldwell and his band Band Paper Hearts. They have been through alot these last couple of months and now the Finish line is in sight. Its down to the wire only 3 more days of The infamous "Rock The Space II" Contest. They have done a great job so far so no we need to keep pushing to pass that finish line. Danbury we need your support #203 stand up and show support. We need to be proud of our local talent in hopes that CT can finally be put on the map.

I just want to be successful....

Do you really want success?