Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Kids and Cudi


So Monday I was out in the city attending my private lessons at the Scratch Academy, when I got a txt about a secret Kid Cudi shows for the Halo Reach release at the Best Buy Theater. So my friend Katie met me in the Village and we headed uptown for a long night. We met up with our friend Eric, Brandon and their friend Jackie. We stood in line for hours with many of the Halo fans awaiting to be let inside. There was much confusion outside with the wrist bands but we made it in. Around 12:30 am (90mins after cudi was suppose to come on) the gentleman from Spike Tv Told the crowd that Cudi was not coming out "Kid Cudi will not be performing tonight. He may come out and speak later on why but as if now he will not be performing." I think this was in regard to the many Cudi fans who found out about the free show and did not purchase the game. This cleared the room many of his fans left with much anger! The true fans that stayed out of curiosity to see what he had to say? Well we got to enjoy every thing who left early dint our free Kid Cudi performance. Around 1:30 am he came to the stage with Plan Pat and performed three songs "Erase Me, Cudders Own and Pursuit of happiness". The young boys Eric and Brandon got a couple items signed with The Cudder as well as a couple snap shots. Cudi came down after his three songs and showed the crowed love shoot out to Cudi for that Matter of fact. The show was great we all really enjoyed it. It was just one of those long nights you never forget but thats what makes it all worth while! 


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