Friday, March 19, 2010

Chipp Off the Old ROC

The “Intro” To the Jay-Z’s Dynasty album is one #Raw Piece of Wisdom.

Song & Article after the Jump

The Intro goes like this

“The theme song to (The Sopranos)
plays in the key of life on my, mental piano
Got a strange way of seein life like
I'm Stevie Wonder with, beads under the doo-rag
Intuition is there even when my vision's impaired, yeah
Knowin I can go, just switchin a spare
On the highway of life, nigga it's sharp in my sight
Oh! Keen senses ever since I was a, teen on the benches
everytime somebody like Enus was mentioned
I would turn green, me, bein in the trenches
Him, livin adventureous not worryin about expenditures
I'm bravin temperatures below zero, no hero
No father figure, you gotta pardon a nigga
But I'm starvin my niggaz, and the weight loss in my figure
is startin to darken my heart, bout to get to my liver
Watch it my niggaz, I'm tryin to be calm but I'm gon' get richer
through any means, with that thing that Malcolm palmed in the picture
Never read the Qu'ran or Islamic scriptures
Only psalms I read was on the arms of my niggaz
Tattooed so I carry on like I'm non-religious
Clap whoever stand between Shawn and figures
Niggaz, say it's the dawn/Don but I'm superstitious
Shit is as dark as it's been, nothin is goin as you predicted
I move with biscuits, stop the harder niggaz actin too suspicious
This is, food for thought, you do the dishes”

            This song being released a decade ago can not be more true as today as it was at the turn of the century. Since the birth of our vision I have journeyed far from home. I have seen these factors I have experienced these thought and witness these tribulations. From my travels over time it seems more to me that “ It is only once we have faced the reality of life and accept them and learn how to strategies around these hurdles.” We can step out of the box letting us unplug so that we can think free. It is the chase of the hustle that entices us that wakes us in the morning. If it was all so simple the market would be flooded sending us on to the next. It is the grind the struggle that influenced the game to what it is today. We have been distracted by the materialism of fame and fortune we as artist have gotten greedy. Eating to much losing the hunger and the passion of the art. People have grown accustom to instant gratification, for that their has become a hanenis trend of quantity over quality. More music here now this results as less effort with in the music here and now. Fabolous once Tweeted “So in Life, continue to be Better, Better than before, better than average, know Better, see Better, look Better, feel Better. PROGRESSION!” So I leave you here with #Raw_Wisdom from The 3rd_Kind “Never forget the struggle never loose the hunger. A hungry man will work for food a Fat man will eat out of board-em” Now you do the Dishes!!!!!!”

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