Monday, March 15, 2010

#Raw_Wisdom From The 3rd_Kind


Pic: via Banksy

Here is the beginning of the Rebirth of a Vision!

I am proud to be able to share this with the fans who hold much faith in us and the people to come. Every one has been asking whats going on with The New Regime? All i have to say is, “Come follow our journey and witness the rise for your selves. Allow your imagination and experience the change. The change is very much upon us, so now it is time to tune in and let the music open up our eyes and ears. In hope to screw the bulb back in so we can unplug and step outside of the Box. Letting us experience The Evolution and Revolution of Art”

{“FYI for those stuck in the Box!!!!!! Here is a place where you can see what those experience would be. #Raw_Wisdom from The 3rd_Kind”}

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