Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Comic Shop

So today there was a party at a store across the street from our school called “A Comic Shop”. Now I must admit I am not a big comic book reader, I just never was really introduced to them when I was younger so I never really found it amusing but after being in the store and receiving a free comic book, I think I may have a new hobby! The owner of the comic shop is a film teacher at Full Sail and he was the coolest guy ever. The event was fun nothing too over the top but it was decent enough to bring out a good number of people. I advise anyone who isn’t into comic books to defiantly check these out. I also had my friend Tim Yager who I had class with before and is currently helping Chase and I with an event that we will be sharing soon. So stayed tuned!


  1. yea comics is where its at son (graphic novels getz it poppin) x men all day lol

  2. I am trying to get some more, I am really feeling these comics haha