Friday, May 14, 2010

The LeBron 2010 season over to soon...

So this is what was in store for the 25-year-old superstar, the heir to the throne, the chosen one, the king, Mr. Akron. The best player on the planet (IMO) lost in the 2nd round of the 2010 NBA playoffs, after having the best record for the 2nd consecutive season, the Cleveland Cavaliers fail to make it to the NBA Finals and anything short of that is not acceptable when you have the 2 time (back-back) NBA MVP, 1st Team All NBA, NBA 1st team for Defense, and All-Star. Yes, we are talking about LeBron James! Now I will admit he didn’t deliver in game 5, a game that was one of the most important in his career if not the most important. I have watched too many Cavalier games to come to a conclusion I’m just speech less. I can honestly say, Kobe would have never went into a game 5 situation like that, not be aggressive and willing his team (last year game 5 of the western conference finals, Kobe had 22 points and 8 assist and led the Lakers to a game 5 win at home to make the series 3-2 Lakers) or Jordan (series tied 2-2 with flu Jordan scores 38 points and gave the Bulls a 3-2 lead in the NBA Finals). Now one thing I will say is both Kobe and Jordan had better players and coaches throughout their career lets not mistake that. The Lakers do have the best team in the NBA and the best coach. Jordan had a better team and coach than LeBron. I still feel LeBron is better than both of those players at this stage of his career but this series will always be remembered, as the series were LeBron folded under pressure, yes I know the team didn’t help him either and yes despite the decent number Shaq is 38 and looked liked he was 48 out there. Antwan Jamison isn’t all that plus he is 33 years old going on 34. Anthony Parker is a good player but he couldn’t start on any other NBA team and MoWill is too much of a streaky player who plays no defense and chokes on the big stage. Mike Brown needs to be fired but I have to give him credit on the task he had this season with molding all these new players together. With the off-season approaching the question now lingers what will LeBron do this off season. Will he leave for New York to play in the big market and play in Mike D’Antoni’s fun run and gun offense? Or will he go to New Jersey (best choice IMO), were they have a very good young talented team, Devin Harris a all-star caliber point guard, Brook Lopez a young franchise center with superstar potential written all over him. A bunch of young players, a potential number 1 draft pick, cap room to sign two max free agents, a new stadium being built in downtown Brooklyn, a rich Russian owner, a potential big time coach and the X factor LeBrons cousin, mentor, favorite rapper and friends mogul Jay-Z. There is a chance he can go to Chicago and play along side Derrick Rose and Noah but with the play of Derrick Rose needing the ball in his hands can Lebron and Rose co-exist? And last but not least Miami were best friend D-Wade is begging for help and Lebron and Wade have had conversations about potentially being teammates (Yes, I’ve herd about the clippers rumors but I beg to differ). In all lets see how this off season plays out, for this is the best off season in sports history and we all are apart of it now lets sit back and see how things fold out. As much as I hate to say it, the Lakers will win the Championship.

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