Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kanye West - Power (1st single for New Album, Unfinished Version)

Your last album gets criticized by critics and fans because its not “Hip Hop,” America makes a mockery of a MTV rant that even made the President of the United States put his 2 cents in and it wasn’t pleasant, after a stint with ex girlfriend Amber Rose, that turned a ex stripper into a red carpet favorite and ended up with the two separating, Kanye has taken 9 months off in the island of Hawaii locked in his studio using (kanye has a studio in Hawaii) fuel from all the hatred casted against him to come out swinging like a champ. Kanye has done what many artists have not and that’s get better as there career progresses but this is a triumphant return. This is defiantly stadium status; this is a hand clapping, chest pounding and fist pumping rebellious song. This isn’t a rap star this a super rap star, the baton from Jay-Z and Eminem have been past and this is where the bar is set. Kanye has managed to make a new sound and stay to the roots of his flow. The sample from the British progressive rock band King Crimson’s “21st Century Schizoid Man” is just dope (for a unfinished track) I can only imagine this song live with all the instruments, that will be phenomenal, coming from one of the great performers of are time. Its good to also see him take a different approach and really shock everyone with this type of song, I don’t think anyone had this coming but then again Kanye always surprises us with something new so we should have been expecting something different. With all the problems (Haiti, Arizona, War, Oil spills) “Power” is the kind of song that is very suitable and what better way then to have Kanye take the step to address the issues as we know Kanye is known to speak his mind but when he talks we listen. If this is an indication of what Good Ass Job (the rumored title for his 5th studio album) then it looks like Kanye has another classic up his sleeve. I am hyped for the album and Chase and I can’t wait for it to come out!

Kanye West featuring Dwele - Power by Hypetrak


  1. High energy track. Definitely could hear this being played on a few commercials promoting the World Cup!

  2. Yea bro I totally agree with you!