Monday, June 21, 2010

Two year reflection on The Lollipop Affair

June 13, 2008 we went from going to parties to being the party and this is were it all began. Before I go further I want to thank the Obas’s (Simon and his brothers) as well as Travon and Roman for presenting us with the opportunity to throw such an event. Lil Wayne’s Grammy award winning album “The Carter 3” had come out just three days prior so in deciding on a theme we all agreed that his #1 single “Lollipop” should be the theme and that turned out to “The Lollipop Affair”. That night everyone came out in his or her best outfit in anticipation for an unforgettable night. With over 600 people in the venue, we gave lollypops out to the first hundred people and everyone had a memorable night. With joggling focusing on finals for high school and strategizing different ways to promote this event it was defiantly a stressful time, but determined to make this event set the tone for are names, we performed in the clutch. We also had help from a sweet friend Rachel Obas. This event transcended us to clearly see are true calling. Though we have yet to top this event, we look back two years later to see how we have impacted those who attended the event subconsciously. We congratulate the graduating seniors of 2010 from our Alma Mata Danbury High School in Danbury, CT. We thank everyone who attended the event. This was the spark that started it all.

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