Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No Risk No Gain

A wise man once told me “That it is better to have crashed and burned than to have never flown at all.”

At a young age I was doubted and hated for thinking outside the box. Many adults tried to oppress my creative and freethinking. I was told college wasn’t for me and my grades weren’t good enough. Most people asked me the question, why would you leave home? Why would you risk it all? Every time I was asked I thought of what that wise man once told me and so I replied with “I rather live enormous then die dormant." So I left home, I stepped out the box! I went to college and in only 13 months I did more than half of what I was told I could not. I may not have much but all I have is a dollar and a dream and now days that’s not much! So I plan to invest that dollar and sell that dream.

So I leave you with these wise words

“So in Life, continue to be Better, Better than before, better than average, know Better, see Better, look Better, feel Better. PROGRESSION!” Fabolous

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