Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Movies that moved me


American Pop: Directed by Ralph Bakshi

This link will bring you to the movie Watch Now

"American Pop" is the animated story of a very talented and troubled family starting with 19th century Russia and moving through several generations of musicians. The film covers American music from the pre-jazz age through soul, '50s rock, drug-laden psychadelia, and punk, finally ending with the onset of new wave in the early 1980s"

This movie was real inspiring. To see the struggle from generation to generation to achieve a dream, then to see the dream live on. There is a lot of dope music in the movie as well. This film was very different for its time it was rotoscoped animation. This is the animation and idea for Kanye West's Heartless Directed by Hype Williams.

This is a dope film and I recommend it. If you don't like watching movies on your computer, add this to you netflix list asap.


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