Saturday, April 24, 2010


So I was going through the camera and I came across some old pictures from senior year in Danbury High school. That was in 2008 and it seemed like it was yesterday. The top picture is Chase, Dane and me. Dane is one of my closest friends and we've been friends since 6th grade. Dane is a lady's man but he is also a bright young man who I know is gonna be successful one day. Dane is definitely one of my friends I admire. Below is Chase, Timmy and I. Timmy and I go way back, we known each other since 5th grade and man have we been through a lot but I love him like a brother. He is another close friend and definitely my most reckless friend, but that's what makes him Timmy or what we refer to him as T. Cole (and he will battle rap anyone hahaha).

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