Monday, April 26, 2010

Out and about

This Pizza place is so GOOD =)

So Chase, Timmy and I went downtown with some friends (sky, nikkinice, samantha aka sky's girlfriend) to celebrate Timmy's birthday week (he turned 20) and his final week in Orlando (Timmy is moving back to CT because school is over for him in a week). Orlando's downtown area has a pretty decent rate of homeless people and its pretty depressing to walk past hungry, homeless human being. So we decided to make some small talk to two cool individuals. When the man with the white shirt first seen chase and I, he thought we were celebrities lol After a long talk he proceeded to eventually ask for money and Chase and I gave him some change. Chase gave him his Half dollar and told the man to put it in his shoe for good luck (which he did). It felt good to brighten someones day, even if it was briefly.

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