Saturday, August 7, 2010

The art of It

Art is something we can say is subjective, every thing has some kind of art behind it. Everyone is an artist one way or another everything we do paints a picture. These picture are images of how we view our reality to be. The best thing about our art is the thoughts they provoke and the ideas they generate. Art gives us the ability to see things from another perspective. Think of every picture being a window, looking through the eye's and in the mind's of us the artist.  

The Art of it

It's found inside You!
Inside Me!
Inside Us!

Look in my window !
Tell me what you see?

Now Step in
Now Step out

Look at the windows on the wall!
Look in 3rd person
Look at yours
Look at mine
Look at his 
Look at her's

Now look long
Now look hard


Step to your window!
Tell me what you see?
Tell me whats outside your window?
Does your view look Familiar? 

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