Sunday, August 1, 2010

Perfect Problems

"The only problems you have left are the perfect ones. The imperfect ones, the ones with a clearly evident solution, well, if they were important, you've solved them already. It's the perfect problems that keep us stuck.

Perfect because they have constraints, unbendable constraints, constraints that keep us trapped. I hate my job, I need this job, there's no way to quit, to get a promotion or to get a new boss, no way to move, my family is in town, etc.

We're human, that's what we do--we erect boundaries, constraints we can't ease, and we get trapped.
Or perhaps it's your product or service or brand. Our factory is only organized to make X, but the market doesn't want X as much, or there is regulation, or a new competitor is now offering X at half the price and the board won't do anything, etc.

There's no way to solve the perfect problem because every solution involves breaking an unbreakable constraint.
And there's your solution.

The way to solve the perfect problem is to make it imperfect. Don't just bend one of the constraints, eliminate it. Shut down the factory. Walk away from the job. Change your product completely. Ignore the board.
If the only alternative is slow and painful failure, the way to get unstuck is to blow up a constraint, deal with the pain and then run forward. Fast." Seth Godin

Are you One of those people who lets problems effect the out come of a goal? 
Do you make excuses for things your to lazy to complete?


Do you still have these words in your vocabulary such as "Cant" and "Wont" 

Well its safe to say your limiting your self. Many people let problems take control of their reality, they dont look to get around them or past them. It seems more or less people would rather learn the hard way! 

You have 3 options when problems arise!

1. Take the long way around your problem

2. Take the hard way through your problem

3. Take the creative way over your problem

We most stop making excuses for problems its up to you to decide the out come. Take responsibility and accountability for what is at hand, try your hardest to hopefully decide the right 1 of the 3.

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