Monday, August 2, 2010

Interview with Sinecal by Dean Satchwell


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I have known Simon (Sinecal) for about two years now and he was actually suppose to be Chase’s roommate when we first moved down to Florida but it never happened. But we all met at Full Sail and we have all kept a good relationship throughout the times. Simon always told me that he raps but I rarely herd his music and then he hits me with this mixtape that surprised me because I never knew he could really rap. This is a mixtape with Sinecal and partner E Hollywood and this mixtape defiantly rides smooth. Hosted by DJ Cassius Cain (follow him on twitter and some production by AuD10 ( who are both buddies I met through Full Sail. Here is an interview we did and don’t forget to grab the tape and give it a listen and support.

How did you and E Hollywood link up?

“We’ve been cool since the beginning of high school. We are really good friends now.”

How did you guys come up with the mixtape title?

“Its like a perfect day with us, we do so much we needed 25 hours. “

What song sticks out to you and why?

“We doing It” ”From the responses we have been getting it has been everyone’s favorite. It’s a motivational song that is actually talking about something.”

How would you define yourself as an artist?

“Expect the unexpected”

What are your inspirations?

“2Pac is the main reason I rap, always listened to him at a young age. Jay-Z because he is just a Boss and his music is crazy. Kanye just does what he wants to do and I like that about him. Fabolous has the punch lines and the witty lyricism.”

What do you want to bring to the table as an artist?

“Don’t want to be just a rapper; I want to be a musician.”

What is M.O.B.B?

“It stands for Movement of Big Bosses.”

How did it get started?

“It started as a click, we use to rap for fun, it’s a lose affiliation but everyone is grinding together.”

Any new projects we should be expecting?

“New project with Ethan and I
Solo from Audio
M.O.B.B mixtape (showcasing every member in M.O.B.B)
New E Hollywood mixtape
Solo from me coming soon also”

Personal Goals?

“I want to establish a fan base and have my own sound. I want to attract listeners with the same mindset as me and my music.

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