Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paper Hearts Rock The Space II Finals !

Hello everyone we are proud to officially announce that with all of our hard work and great efforts, Paper Hearts has made it to the final round of Myspace and Toyota Music’s Rock the Space 2 Contest!

Yes that’s right the final round is finally here and now its time to turn up the heat. Out of 17,000 Bands we have made it to the all the way to the top 6. Now that says something about our great efforts!

Paper Hearts and The New Regime along with our families and friends would like to thank every one who participated in supporting Paper Hearts in the Semi Finals; all of your hard work has not gone in vain. We all need to combine our efforts once again and finish strong. We are proud to have such a strong team of supporters  behind us. 

Lets gear up and do this again!

Check out Paper Hearts Article From The Danbury News Time’s

You can vote on the Paper Hearts Myspace or The "Rock The Space" page once a day every day.

Make sure to stay posted for more news and updates about Paper Hearts and their Pursuit of a Dream.

Also Check out Th3 New Regime Blog site for updates and Exclusive Videos and News Reports of the Contest http://th3nr.blogspot.com/

We believe with everyone’s support we can all be responsible together, in making this dream come true. Your vote will take a role in making Big City Dreams happen for a Small Town Start!

Thank You Every Vote Counts!

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