Sunday, August 1, 2010

Diary Entry 1

Dear friends,

Decided to start writing every sunday to get some things off my chest, I guess you can call it my little online diary. So as I let Pandora play I am home alone still trying to figure out how my current situation is going to work out. My lease is up in 4 weeks; I have to room with a friend until my graduation in November. Chase is graduating in a month and I turn 21 in 32 days. This month I have statistics (mind you I am not a good math person, unless its money) and all I hear from everybody is that it’s a hard class; this will be my hardest class from here on out so I am really going to study my hardest to not make this class stress me. On another note I’ve been currently listening to the Rick Ross Teflon Don album and I am impressed. Great production, good lyrics and an overall great album (everyone has been sleeping on Ross’s talents). My favorite album of 2010 so far, my favorite track is Tears Of Joy, that track is so powerful. On another note Kanye has been doing these acapella performances of songs off his up coming album and these performances have been so refreshing to see him showcasing his talents again. A very big influence in my life, I always get inspired by seeing Kanye pushing the creative envelop. He performed in front of the weirdest crowds (Facebook office, Twitter office). I can’t wait for the album to come out! I wanted my first diary feed to be short and sweet but until next sunday, bye folks!

(Kanye Performances Down Below)

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