Thursday, August 19, 2010

Paper Hearts Mania !

Last week started the final round of Myspace and Toyota Music’s Rock The Space contest. For the past month we have been pushing our favored band Paper Hearts, our efforts have been great. Th3 New Regime wants to inspire fans to continue the momentum. This is our reasoning behind “The Paper Hearts Ultimate Fan Challenge”.

The Paper Hearts Ultimate Fan Challenge
Paper Hearts understands that their fans are their greatest supporters. That is why they have teamed up with Th3 New Regime to show their appreciation. So we decided to search for the ultimate male and female fans. With the end of The Rock Space contest we need your help one ore time. Paper Hearts wants their fans to pull out the theatrics and all the stops to get all their friends to vote. Every vote counts so we need you to show your support. The winners will receive a new Paper Hearts shirt “Break Laws not Hearts” signed by the band.


Contest Rule’s
The two most effective fans (Male/Female) who can gather the most votes, fans and supporters using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube for the Paper Hearts will receive the prizes. After your efforts either send us a screen capture or actual link so we can document your submission.
Contest ends after Rock The Space Winner is Announced

You can vote on the Paper Hearts Myspace or The "Rock The Space" page once a day every day. Make sure to stay posted for more news and updates about Paper Hearts and their Pursuit of a Dream.

Also Check out Th3 New Regime Blog site for updates and Exclusive Videos and News Reports of the Contest

We believe with everyone’s support we can all be responsible together, in making this dream come true. Your vote will take a role in making Big City Dreams happen for a Small Town Start!

Thank You Every Vote Counts!


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