Saturday, August 7, 2010

NaZty - The Tape (Mixtape)

There has been a movement in my hometown of Danbury, CT and I am so hyped to see this type of stuff going on because a lot of people have been holding back talents and other great gifts they possess. There is a new studio in my town called Hat City Recordings started by Al-Fatir Marrero (NaZty) and Jonathan Jimenez (Jaynez) and they have been putting in work. I’ve known JJ (Jaynez) for a little while now and he’s always been hungry, always trying to get his beats out and just grinding to get his name out. I’ve herd of NaZty but I never got a chance to hear his music, not that it wasn’t out there but I just never came across it until a couple of months ago when he did a video for a song he did on the Nike Boots Remix. Now NaZty is back with a mixtape called The Tape, which is on point! He defiantly holds it down for the 203 (Danbury) and brings his A game with this mixtape, everyone download the tape and support good music. Lets help get this Connecticut music scene going, and to all my Danbury people help support one of are own, someone we can be proud of. On another note, to all my hip hop heads, this is New Regime approved so take a listen.
Also check out (one of my favorite tracks) Everyday Hustle ft Steve G. Production by Jaynez and Jose (Jazz) Bueno. You can catch features by One Take Tone, Ace Boogie and others. Also check out NaZtys blog

NaZty-The Tape Mixtape Download

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